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Pelican 1200 and Your Heirloom Jewelry

Your grandmother left you her most prized possession, her motherís pearl necklace with matching earrings. You keep them locked in your safe for protection. You have finally received a reason to pull them out and wear them. Your friend has invited you to join her for a holiday weekend in New York City. You will be staying at a very prestigious hotel and the festivities include a holiday party in the ballroom.

How will you safely transport your fine jewelry? You do not want to just put it in your suitcase.
You would never forgive yourself you lost it or broke it. The Pelican 1200 case can protect and keep your heirloom jewelry intact. It is made of lightweight material that is indestructible. It wonít crack or dent. It is designed with reinforced ribs on the outside for superior strength.

It is waterproof due to the o-ring seal design it is made with. You can submerge this case in 30 feet of water and still the inside is dry. The air purge valve on the front of the case helps with waterproofing by allowing air to move in and out freely. The case is heat resistant. It does not fade and scratches are hard to get.

The latches are one-of-a-kind double throw which hold tight yet is easy to open. The handle is comfortable and folds down out of the way for opening the case. If you feel you need extra protection this case has pad lock protectors that are made of stainless steel.

The inside of the Pelican 1200 case has your choice of flat foam, pick-n-pluck foam, or you can have custom foam made for it. All of these foam inserts will hold your heirloom jewelry in comfort and safety. You do not need to worry that your precious pearls will be thrown about and come apart. Pelican guarantees this case for a lifetime. It is made to take any abuse that travel may bring.

The Pelican 1200 case comes in yellow, orange, silver, black or desert tan. You can have your name put on it for easy recognition. There is no other case like it. Your mind can rest easy. Your case is dust resistant and fade proof. If it should get dirty, just wipe the dirt off. Your case looks like new again.

Finally, someone made a case you can trust. Your heirloom jewelry is protected from damage. You can travel to your holiday weekend and wow them at the ball. The Pelican 1200 case has been there every step of the way protecting your heirloom jewelry and giving you peace of mind. Now if it could only find prince charming!

Pelican 1200 Case

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