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Pelican 1200 Case and The Fly Fisherman

You fish for fun and you like to do tournament fishing. Bass tournaments, Steelhead Trout, and you even do Northern Pike tournaments. Now every fisherman has his favorite baits. Hand tied flies and spoons. You usually store your hand tied fly hooks in you favorite fishing hat. What do you do with them after the day is done?

Try using the Pelican 1200 case. It has double throw patented latches for locking them up tight. There are stainless steel reinforced pad lock holes for protection. As you know, no fisherman wants to lose his best baits. They are like gold. You donít even share them with your fellow fisherman. You might catch the tournament winning fish with one. You sure donít want to give up any advantage you might have.

How many times have you gone fishing and had an ordinary tackle box fall and open up on you? You have to put poles and live bait down to pick everything up and store back inside the tackle box. Well, the Pelican 1200 case will not come open on you. You can drop it, slide across the ground and even accidentally kick it. It will not break apart or open up. You might scratch it a little, but even those are hard to come by.

It doesnít dent or chip. It has reinforced ribs for extra strength. It has a comfortable fold down handle for easy carrying. Can take the heat of the sun, although the contents will warm up too. The case is waterproof for up to a 30 foot depth. There is an air purge valve that helps keep water out and lets air move freely in and out. You may not need this feature. If you do, your flies and spoons will be in the case and not at the bottom of the river or lake you are fishing in.

The Pelican 1200 case comes with your choice of flat foam, pick n pluck or custom foam. You can lay your flies on one side and your spoons on the other. Just hook them in the foam and they will be there the next time you want them, safe and sound! Ready for that next big tournament.

This case is available in silver, orange, yellow, desert tan or black colors. You can have you name engraved on it. You can wash off the dayís dirt and it will still look new. It may stain but it wonít fade from many hours in the sun. Pelican backs this case with itsí lifetime guarantee. You know you can trust that this case was made to take rough and tough treatment. For many years of happy fishing, get yourself a Pelican 1200 case.

Pelican 1200 Case

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